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2023 - 2024 DCA Membership and

Board Member meetings:



Tuesday, OCTOBER  24, 2023  -  7:30pm

Board of Directors Meeting - in person only


Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway

Tuesday, NOVEMBER 21, 2023  -  7:30pm

Membership Meeting - in person only

Annual Elections


Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway


Tuesday, JANUARY 16, 2024  -  7:30pm


Board of Directors Meeting - in person only

Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway



Tuesday, FEBRUARY 20, 2024 -  7:30pm

Membership Meeting - in person

Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway


Tuesday, MARCH 19, 2024  -  7:30pm

Board of Directors Meeting - in person only

Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway

Tuesday,  APRIL 16, 2024  -  7:30pm

Membership Meeting - in person

Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway


Tuesday,  MAY 21, 2024  -  7:30pm

Board of Directors Meeting - in person only

Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway

Tuesday,  JUNE 18, 2024  -  7:30pm

Membership Meeting - in person

Community Church of Douglaston -

Fellowship Hall

39-50 Douglaston Parkway








SEPTEMBER 27, 2023

QNS Op-Ed: Any Creedmoor plan must serve the needs of eastern Queens

by Corey Beak and Bryan Block

For several years, the communities of eastern Queens have engaged in discussions with our community leaders, our local and state elected officials and Empire State Development (ESD) about possible reuse of 55 acres of land on the state’s Creedmoor Psychiatric Center campus. We long recognized the campus as a resource for eastern Queens and took steps to ensure any reuses served the needs of our communities.

That remains the case today with the plan we developed, Queens Community Board 13 adopted and we shared with ESD and our elected city and state officials. It would create housing that enables our seniors and our young adults to choose to remain in eastern Queens. At the same time, it allows for more practical use of our existing housing stock for families who seek the variety of housing (one- and two-family homes, co-operatives and rentals) that already exists throughout eastern Queens.


While Creedmoor has a Queens Village address, the parcels deemed surplus lie within Bellerose and Queens Community Board 13, which hugs the Queens-Nassau border from the Grand Central Parkway south to the JFK Airport (which is considered to sit within the community district bounds). Community District 13 includes Bellaire, Bellerose, Brookville, Cambria Heights, Floral Park, Glen Oaks, Laurelton, Meadowmere, New Hyde Park, North Shore Towers, Queens Village, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens, Warnerville and Wayanda.

That process led to neighborhood leaders including Community Board 13 Chair Bryan Block convening to discuss options for developing the surplus Creedmoor parcels as 2023 began. We presented the plan to Community Board 13’s Land Use Committee, which submitted a resolution to the full board and was adopted based on our plan.


Our community-conceived plans focused on three considerations: (1) “Community Priorities;” (2) “Community Needs;” and (3) “Objections.”


We identified six priorities:

1. Serve needs of community first
2. Low to medium density scale of development
3. Utilize wherever possible existing building exteriors and possible interiors
4.  Adequate parking consistent with uses
5.  Adequate public transit
6. Environmental remediation of entire south campus

We identified five needs:

1. Senior housing
2. Veteran’s housing and services
3. Use housing forms compatible and consistent in character with the community including co-ops, single family and two family homes
4. Starter housing including studios for our young adults and families
5. Recreation center serving intergenerational needs including a pool


No one should be surprised by what we found objectionable (prisons; juvenile detention centers, homeless shelters, buildings above four stories and big box retail stores) at that location which abuts P.S. 18Q, P.O. Officer Joseph Gunn Playground, the Hollis – Bellaire – Queens Village – Bellerose Little League field complex, various nonprofit human services programs and lies within a few blocks of Martin Van Buren High School, the Glen Oaks School Campus (High School for the Teaching Profession, P.S./I.S. 208, P.S./I.S. 266) and Alley Pond Park.


The Glen Oaks Campus schools directly resulted from our community work on a 1997 Civic Master Plan for Creedmoor under the aegis of the Queens Civic Congress, when the Pataki administration sought to commercially develop the then part of the Creedmoor campus. That development met and to this day serves a compelling community need. Housing schemes pressed by those outside this community board make no sense in eastern Queens. That model got developed in concert with those communities and fails to address the needs and priorities Queens Community Board 13 approved and presented to ESD and our elected officials.


Some 25 years later, our communities seek to serve today’s needs using our community’s resource and the entire City will benefit as a result.


Corey Bearak, a co-founder of the Queens Civic Congress, is a Community Board 13 member over 30 years, member of its Land Use Committee, acting President of North Bellerose Civic Association and chair the Board of Services Now for Adult Persons, Inc


Bryan Block serves as Chair of Queens Community Board 13 and is President of the Cambria Heights Civic Association

Click here to read the QNA Op-Ed article with images


APRIL 23, 2023





DCA received confirmation from the N.Y. Legislature that Governor Hockul’s Affordable Housing Plan was defeated.  While the Legislature will continue to discuss multiple budgetary issues over the coming weeks, her proposal to phase out one family homes, expand multiple dwelling with no height restrictions, and giving amnesty to illegal basement apartments has been pulled out of the budget. This was not an affordable housing plan but a boondoggle for the real estate interests.


The DCA was a major force in taking on the Governor and the real estate money interests supporting it.  The DCA forged an alliance with key legislators throughout the entire state and various civic and good government groups.  DCA hosted the first meeting here at the Douglaston Club to an overflow crowd sending a strong message to Albany. No!


I want to extend a special thank you to our elected officials who stood their ground against intense pressure from the real estate interests. We would not have been successful without their advocacy on our behalf: Assemblyman Ed Braunstein, Chair Cities Committee; Senator Toby Stavisky; as well as neighboring elected officials: Senator John Liu; Senator Joe Addabbo; Senator Leroy Comrie S.E. Queens: and so many Mayors and Supervisors from L.I. and upstate.


In additional but just as important, I want to thank the leadership from the following civic leaders who stood with me: leader Paul Graziano, Save One Family & Leader; Walter Mugdan, Westmoreland Civic; Paul DiBenedetto, Chair CB 11; Warren Schreiber, Pres. Queens Civic Congress; and many others. Today we won a great victory because we worked together and had facts on our side. The issue of providing affordable housing remains, we need to address it with effective policies that are transparent, Thank You.  


Sean M. Walsh, President



APRIL 7, 2023


Criminals are impersonating Con Edison to get money or your personal information.


Know how to recognize a scam and protect yourself:

1.  Con Edison doesn’t accept payments via Venmo, Zelle, CashApp or Bitcoin. Hang up on anyone calling and asking for Con Edison payments by these methods.

2.  Asking for ID isn’t rude, it’s safe. If someone comes to your door, claiming to be from Con Edison, call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) and confirm the employee’s name and ID number.

3.  Make payments safely. We accept online payments through and

4.  We will never ask to see your bill. Never share your account number or show your bill to someone at your door.

5.  If you’re not sure an email is really from Con Edison, don’t click on any links.

Suspect a Scammer?
Call the police. Then call us: 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633).


Click here for more information on how to recognize a scam.

MARCH 27, 2023



As we approach the NY state budget deadline this week, we must keep up the pressure on the governor to withdraw her disastrous plan to eliminate one family zoning and any building height restrictions.  We have been working with our state legislators Sens. Comrie, Liu, Stavisky and Assem, Braunstein all of whom have held the line so far.


Please note that our previously planned rally in Manhattan for this week is cancelled.  We are holding local rallies instead. We held a rally on this past Friday at Boro Hall 65 civic leaders showed.


Please email the Governor, Mayor, and all members of the state legislature early this week. At the end of this newsletter see the links and instructions on how to contact your electeds.

Candidate's Night

On Tuesday, April 18th at 7;30 pm in the Community Church of Douglaston, DCA will hold a candidates’ night for the Democratic Primary election for District Attorney and City Council.

Udalls Cove Preservation Committee will hold its 54th Annual Shoreline, Wetlands and Woodlands Cleanup, with a free picnic lunch for all volunteers. Saturday, April 29 starting at 10 AM.


NY City Sanitation Department will this week once again be collecting your compost, yard waste, and food scraps please place the waste in the special brown bin (or any separate bin with a secure lid and brown bags ) and set it out for collection on your regular recycling day.

NYC Sanitation Department effective April 1st has new rules about when you can put out your garbage for collection. Cans or bins with a lid after 6 pm and for bags it is after 8 pm.


There will be an electronics recycling event at the St. Anastasia's Church in the parking lot on Northern Blvd. and Alameda on Saturday, April 1 from 10 am to 2:00 pm, More Information:

Memorial Day Parade Is on Monday, May 29th at 2pm. This year our President Sean M. Walsh is being honored with the Community Service Award. 


Saturday, April 1, from 1 to 5 pm, there will be a fundraiser for the annual Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade at Monahan's in Bayside (214-17 41st Avenue); $30 contribution; food will be free, and there will be a cash bar. Another way to donate to the Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade is to participate in the "300 Club" drawing you donate $100, and have a one in 300 chance to win $10,000.

NY state specifically prohibits planting two separate types of dangerously invasive bamboo: Phyllostachys Aureosulcata & Phyllostachys Aureaon in the soil on your property.   


Contact all NY state legislators by copying the list below of legislators’ emails into the blind copy line “bbc” and then send the email to yourself in the TO line.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

MARCH 14, 2023



Dear Friends:


On March 14TH the DCA and over a hundred other civics and electeds from outside NYC held an organizing and informational meeting to determine our best course(s) of action to stop Governor Hochul’s “Housing Compact” from destroying our communities. This was a follow up to our initial meeting at the Douglaston Club last week with over 200 in attendance. Hopefully, this summary and next steps will bring you up to date, as we have a hard deadline of March 31st. That is the end of the budget negotiations – YOU NEED to take action if we are going to stop this.


Tanya Cruz, an expert on how to create and conduct “digital” rallies, gave a short presentation [Attached] followed by a Q & A so that we could more quickly learn how to do this and get our organizational membership to jump on board. For those who are interested or could not get on to the Zoom last night, just click on the picture above.


This strategy will send our messages directly to the Senate, Assembly and Governor as well as their central staff, so the combined submittals will have a significant effect.

Here is a template you can use for your communications with elected officials.

The rally plan is as follows:


Tuesday, March 21st, 12pm – Staten Island Rally – Hylan Blvd & Burgher Avenue

Thursday, March 23rd – proposed Westchester Rally – Location/Time TBD

Friday, March 24th, 12pm – Queens Rally – Queens Borough Hall

After speaking today with several representatives in Nassau County, it is possible that there will also be a rally in Nassau County on Wednesday, March 22nd. I will let everyone know if this rally happens.


We need to keep the heat on until the budget is finished, and the Housing Compact is dead on arrival.


Sean M. Walsh

President, Douglaston Civic Association

FEBRUARY 27, 2023



On Friday, February 24, the Douglaston Civic Association hosted at the Douglaston Club a press event to stop Gov. Hochul’s “Affordable Housing” plan to end one family home in New York state and Mayor Adams plan to suspend the city zoning and building codes and fire egress rules.  We had 200 people attend our rally and unfortunately 60 people had to wait in the lobby due to the Fire Code.  We apologize to them, but the overflow crowd demonstrated our strength. In attendance we had representatives from northeast Queens, central Queens, southeast Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Staten Island, and many other jurisdiction that have joined our voice to stop this real estate give away.


At our monthly DCA meeting on Tuesday, February 21, an overflow crowd heard our representatives Senator Toby Stavisky, Assemblyman Braunstein, Councilwoman Paladino call on the Governor to remove her “Affordable Housing” plan from the state budget.  


Time is of the essence. Write, Email, Call Now your elected representatives, the Governor, and Mayor tell them if this “Affordable Housing” plan remains in the budget, I will not vote for you!  Click here for a sample letter.


See also web site. Sign the petition at



To oppose the Assembly Bill (A1075) click here: 

To oppose the Senate Bill (S2276) click here:


On the right side of both websites is a box where you can indicate whether or not you support the legislation.  We recommend you click on "NAY" to record your opposition. Please read very carefully the voting instructions to be sure your vote is IN OPPOSITION to these bills.  They have changed the meaning of AYE and NAY.

MARCH 4, 2023

DCA Vice President Dennis Saffran recently penned an opinion piece to Real Clear Policy titled: "Hochul Renews Assault on the Suburbs" regarding Governor Kathy Hochul's radical proposal to override local single-family zoning in neighborhoods like Douglaston.

As Dennis notes, sophisticates have long sneered at the suburbs and outer boroughs as filled with “little boxes made of ticky-tacky” -- contemptuous of the American dream of the middle-class and working-class people progressives once championed.  Now Hochul, responsive to these elitists in her base and to big developers, wants to make the burbs and boroughs look like Manhattan.

Click here to read entire article.


FEBRUARY 23, 2023


NYC is poised to enact steep congestion pricing tolls for cars and trucks, unless critics can kill the plan first.

Click here to read about their plans in more detail and what it means to you.


FEBRUARY 16, 2023


Media Advisory For Immediate Release


Contact: Paul Graziano (718) 309-7522

Save1 Family



S.A.V.E. 1-FAMILY New York (the Statewide Alliance Vs. Elimination of 1-Family Zoning in New York)


A major press event with our coalition members and allies in opposition to Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed land use bills, currently inserted into the New York State Budget.


The Douglaston Club 600 West Drive, Douglaston, NY 11363


Friday, February 24th, 2023 at 5pm



For the second year in a row, Governor Hochul is attempting to impose mandates that force all cities, towns and villages throughout New York State to make enormous – and untenable – increases in housing density along with the lowering of construction and building safety standards. The Governor would achieve this through an extensive list of proposals, including but not limited to: - Mandatory development cycles / housing unit targets - State government oversight and removal of home rule in the zoning and land use process - Staggering increases in density to areas within ½ mile of rail and subway stations - Blanket Amnesty for Illegal Conversions in New York City regardless of safety concerns - Relaxation of the Multiple Dwelling Law and its construction and safety standards - Property Tax Exemptions for the creation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Should these proposals become law, the resulting development free-for-all will cannibalize all of our communities, lowering our quality of life and affecting property values. Finally, none of the Governor’s proposals will create any increase in affordable housing; instead, it will increase unaffordability in our housing stock.



Dear Friends and Colleagues, Civic and Homeowner Associations –

As many of you already are aware, for the 2nd year in a row Governor Hochul inserted a number of poisonous housing bills into the state budget bill on February 1st of this year, described by her as a “Housing Compact” for New York.

If adopted, these bills will have a disastrous impact on our communities. This includes but is not limited to:

     -     Mandatory massive upzonings within ½ mile of rail

           and subway stations

     -     Mandatory numbers of housing units on perpetual

           3-year development cycles

     -     New State Housing Board which will approve multi-

           family housing anywhere

     -     Subsequent Removal of Home Rule in violation of the

           NY State Constitution

     -     Blanket Amnesty for all Illegal Conversions in New

           York City

     -     Property Tax Exemptions for developers who create

           Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

We have 30 days from when this was inserted into the budget to get the Governor to pull it out of the budget bill willingly, which gives us until March 2nd – otherwise, it will be adopted by April 1st if the Legislature does not intervene.


As representatives of our collective neighborhoods, towns and villages, we need to respond to this immediately.


We will be having a press event on Friday February 24th, 2023, 5pm, at the Douglaston Club located at 600 West Drive, Douglaston, NY 11363 (see attached press release).


The press event is an invitation-event for press, civic and homeowner associations, community boards and concerned citizens. Elected officials who have publicly stated their opposition to the Governor’s “Housing Compact” Plan will be invited to attend. We will acknowledge them if they write a press release or statement on official letterhead that they unilaterally OPPOSE the “Housing Compact” set of bills (particularly the items mentioned above) and if they are State Senators or Assembly members, that they will vote against the budget if they are not removed. Civic and Homeowner association leadership (and Community Boards who have stated their opposition) will also be invited to participate in the event as we want the public and the press to understand how your areas will be affected if this legislation becomes law.


If you are planning to attend, please RSVP no later than Wednesday, February 22nd to either or – Please include your official position against the Governor’s “Housing Compact” plan.


Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sean M Walsh, President Douglaston Civic Association

The below link is the Governor’s legislative package to essentially end one family homes in NY state.  The proposal is contained in the state budget.  We have only a few weeks to get the Assembly and State Senate and Governor to remove this from the budget.  Furthermore we oppose the Mayor’s separate set of proposals to weaken one family zones.


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