June 14, 2022

1. Acquisition of Environmentally

    Sensitive Lands

2. Bail, Criminal Justice "Reform"

     Panel Discussion:

     Judge George Grasso, Rafael

     Mangual and Sean Walsh


April 19, 2022

DCA and Doug Bay Civic Association

A Joint Membership Meeting Agenda

1. Senator John Liu

"The state of the Budget" and

ADUs & Bail

2. Councilwoman Paladino

Update on the new J Mart

Grocery Store

3. NYPD Community Police


"Crime Prevention and Update"

4. Block 8082 Lot 203 by

St. Sarkis

Update by Dawn Anatra

February 15, 2022

New Douglaston LN Public


Click here for detailed plans

December , 2021

Homeless Shelter

Homeless Shelter at 243-02 Northern Blvd. the site of the former Pride of Judea is slated to house 74 people dormitory style with only one bathroom per ten occupants. The DCA countered with a proposal for 12 efficacy apartments of permanent housing for homeless women but without any response from DHS or our local electeds. Therefore, DCA has engaged a law firm to fight and prevent this inhumane treatment of the homeless.  DCA has obtained a Temporary Restraining Order from a Supreme Court Judge stopping the city & the owner of the property from continuing while we litigate the various code and safety and zoning issues involved.  This is a tremendous victory!  Our fund rising drive has been instrumental in temporally stopping this proposal. For those who have said “it’s a done deal” well it isn’t.”  We urgently ask you to make a donation today to finish this Fight.

July 14, 2021

We have engaged experts who are working with our lawyers to file a lawsuit.  This NY Times article below is a good summary of the homeless issues.  We hope that the city will change course and adopt the DCA proposal for permanent and limited homeless population.  We will keep you posted.  

Enjoy summer. 

N.Y.C.’s Plan to Move Homeless People From Hotels Is Blocked

by a Judge

A federal judge ruled that the city was transferring homeless people to group shelters without adequate consideration for their health.

Click here to read article by Andy Newman


Click here to read letter sent by DCA President Sean Walsh to NY Times


Please contact by phone, and email, and letters all your city elected officials and object to the city’s plans for the site. We have posted on our web site the contact information for our electeds. (Click on CONTACT INFO on the Navigation Bar) Make clear that this is an election issue, they need to know they are either with us or against us, speak up.


​Douglaston Parkway

Retaining Wall

You may have noticed that the retaining wall along the east side of Douglaston Parkway between Alameda Ave. and Rushmore Ave. has been deteriorating over the past few years. This winter its deterioration escalated when parts fell into the path of traffic. DCA contacted DOT to effect repairs.  DOT has inspected the wall and has drawn plans to replace the wall, and they are stating the week of May 11th.




July , 2021

City Council Plan to End Single Family Housing

NY City Council Speaker Corey Johnson's proposal to amend the zoning code to phase out single-family homes (they're "racist," of course!) met with strong opposition from civics throughout the city and has been tabled for now.  We expect it to pop up again before the summer is over; therefore, write, email, call all public officials and candidates running for office and voice your opposition.

Background Summary:

There is a proposal by N.Y. City Council Speaker Johnson to establish long term planning process in a report called Planning Together: A New Comprehensive Planning Framework for NYC.  The plan is extremely negative to single family homes in our communities, especially single family zones such as ours. The thrust of the plan is to say that single family zoning is “racist.” I find that hard to accept when I look at Southeast Queens or Corona as examples of a communities of color living in single family housing.


This will be a topic of the upcoming Mayoral and City Council races. In my reviewing construction permits I have found that the Department of Buildings has designated on the construction or demo permits the lots to be R-3 not the proper legal designation of R1-2.  R-3 permits two family occupancy.  When I have pressed DoB on why they are doing this, I am stone walled.  When I ask our elected officials, they say they have not received an answer. It is obvious that City Hall is openly hostile to communities like us. Please light a fire under our electeds today. 

Read and print the petition to get the word out and oppose City Council Speaker Johnson's "Planning Together" report and companion bill.

Paving Over Alley Pond Park

As you can see the Alley Pond Environmental Center is under construction.  Board members Carol McCarthy & Bruce Stuart are monitoring the City’s plans to pave over trails for bikers and open a concession stand. Your thoughts?  Board member Bernie Haber is still working on getting funding to move the bike lanes on Northern Blvd.  Maybe with our next Mayor.


October, 2021 letter to Community Board 11 and District Manager from

DCA President, Sean Walsh


Dear CB 11 Chairman and District Manager,


The Douglaston Civic Association brings to your attention and the various agencies of the city a dangerous and life threatening condition.  I have previously informed you and sent you pictures of the site in question.  The hill behind the former Douglaston Macy store Douglaston Plaza under the city’s golf course has progressively showed signs of an exponential eroding potentially leading to a collapse. There is a history of this hill being unstable with a high water table. The area to the south did collapse and buried homes some years ago.


The hill needs to be stabilized immediately. CB11 needs to bring the necessary public and private parties together to act before something terrible happens.


Sean M Walsh




Council Member Lee is hosted a Senior Scam Prevention Presentation on Monday, June 13, 2022, from 12:30-2:00 PM at the SNAP Innovative Senior Center located at 80-45 Winchester Blvd, Queens Village, NY 11427. 


They hosted this informational presentation alongside  Miriam Aldana-Galdamez from the Department Of Consumer And Worker Protection (DCWP) so that Seniors have the opportunity to learn about common frauds and financial issues and how DCWP can help. 



Northern Blvd. & Douglaston

Parkway Apartment Building Construction

May 11, 2021

Our lawyer has filed our appeal. The city’s attorneys are seeking a delay which we oppose as a stalling tactic. Our lawyer believes we have a strong case. Our only concern is that politics will intervene with the court process.  Stay tuned.

March, 2021

The DCA is still in NY State Appellate Court fighting the two apartment houses proposed for Douglaston Parkway and Northern Blvd; we are awaiting the city’s response. The commencement of construction while the matter is still in court is outrageous. 

Little Neck Bay

Good News: DCA and Congressman Tom Suozzi jointly initiated a meeting with all the stakeholders involved in preserving and protecting and cleaning up the LI Sound including our own Little Neck Bay.


The purpose was to reintroduce all the stake holders and develop a joint united plan with priorities for cleaning up the LI Sound of which Little Neck Bay is a part. This will enable the group to present to Congressman Suozzi  coordinated requests for funding. Board member Cecilia Venosta organized the effort and will coordinate this joint effort into the future.  DCA will host on its Web site information from all these groups and as well as a discussion room.


Thank you Congressman Suozzi for all your past and future efforts in saving the Sound. Our May / June membership meeting will have the LI sound as a topic.



   We Can't Let the City Destroy

   This Incredible Oasis That

   Serves All New Yorkers


The City Council Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises hearing on the proposed development of the south side of Governors Island is this coming Monday, April 5. 


The City wants to allow buildings 20-25 stories tall, turning half the island into another overscale real estate development. Additional concessions could erase open park space. We should be better than this.


Please email the following Council Members and tell them: “VOTE NO on Governors Island development plan.” 


Council Speaker Corey Johnson



Land Use Chair Rafael Salamanca Jr. 



Subcommittee Chair Francisco Moya



Council Member Margaret Chin


For more information about our programs, visit nylandmarks.org. If you have questions, you can find all the staff email contacts there as well.  

Peg Breen, President

The New York Landmarks Conservancy




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